Christoffer Johansson

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Swing Dance Music by Christoffer Johansson

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Boogie Woogie
Carolina Shag
Collegiate Shag
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St. Louis Shag
West Coast Swing
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Feel like going home (live at The Blues Garden)Christoffer Johansson5:26
Been drinking water out of a hollow log (live at The Blues Garden)Christoffer Johansson7:14
God's gonna cut you down (live at The Blues Garden)Christoffer Johansson4:42
I can't be satisfied (live at The Blues Garden)Christoffer Johansson4:46
182 daysChristoffer Johansson5:01
There's a man going 'round taking namesChristoffer Johansson5:55
I'm gonna cross the river of JordanChristoffer Johansson8:18

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