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Swing Dance Music by Ben Marcato

There are 25 tracks by Ben Marcato at SwingMusic that you can dance swing to. You're welcome to suggest the missing ones. Explore & filter current list to have best music for your swing dance lessons, parties or training.

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Boogie Woogie
Carolina Shag
Collegiate Shag
Lindy Hop
St. Louis Shag
West Coast Swing
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Don't cha go nowhereBen Marcato1:41
Mojo 2000Ben Marcato4:49
Jump, jive & wailBen Marcato3:48
Boney MaronieBen Marcato4:12
Got Shake InsteadBen Marcato3:56
Bovine SublimeBen Marcato3:44
Heavens to BetsyBen Marcato3:46
A Kiss to Build a Dream OnBen Marcato & his Mondo Combo4:27
Green Eyed LadyBen Marcato & his Mondo Combo5:23
Sing, sing, singBen Marcato3:21
Mellow saxophoneBen Marcato3:11
For Cryin' Out LoudBen Marcato5:06
Where are you at?Ben Marcato2:15
Lickin' StickBen Marcato & his Mondo Combo4:05
Iko IkoBen Marcato & his Mondo Combo2:59
For cryin' out loudBen Marcato4:10
Let the good times rollBen Marcato3:05
Straighten up & fly rightBen Marcato3:29
I left my babyBen Marcato4:08
Cincinnati Kid...Radio EditBen Marcato3:48
Get While The Gettin's GoodBen Marcato3:28
Cincinnati KidBen Marcato4:50
Get while the gettin's goodBen Marcato3:29
Hallelujah, I Love Her SoBen Marcato & his Mondo Combo3:19

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